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David Li:

My Sister

First year graduate student at Columbia University Engineering Just completed bachelor degrees from Stony Brook University - amiable, fun-loving, currently pursuing in the field of Electrical Engineering , and UQU
(the Ultimate Question of the Universe).

LED Display

Animated Banner


Stuff That I Find Helpful:

My first midi composition on the Web! Veni Sponsa Christi
CSE 113 Labs in Java!
Manager's Compendium For Software Engineering Class
The (Java Applet) Sherlock Holmes School of Logic
The Nutri Center Project CSE 309 Spec Document
University of Virginia Electronic Text Library - Several languages online!
NEW COOL Educational Java Applets For OUr Insatiable Minds!
My Yahoo - a fully customizable personal news center!
Start YOUR VERY FIRST webpage with these Page Generators!
Yam Chinese Searcher - for Taiwanese Pages
The Classic Midi Page! TONs of beautiful midi sequences
Web Design Group's HomePage - quick reference to HTML tags
A Kinder, Gentler Validator - to validate your homepage HTML as an universally accessible one
Chinese News Broadcast from VOA
GIF Animation On the WWW If you're wondering how my banner and LED were made:
Yahoo's Resume Bank University Listings:
Word Reference Page(ie: dictionaries, thesauruses)
Some Sci-Related-Links
China the Beautiful Pages - wanna read Chinese on the Web???

Things That I Find Fascinating:

'Geek' - an expression redefined
200-some abstracts of modern everyday inventions
Search for "new and "technology"

Places That I Find Enjoyable

COMPLETE text for the Romance of Three Kingdoms
The SB Asian American Center:(Construction Snapshots)
Craig's Mavis Fan Page
The Hong Kong Bridge - place of the Asian pop Stars


Henry Ho - known this "Shya Kuo" for 9 years
EneRi - gal in SB who's a big fan of LeeHom
Hongzhi - she majors in Chem/Sci in SB
Alicea Wei - A gal from U. of Colorado at Boulder
Joshua Cheung - an ardent Faye fan(has nice pages for Mavis and Faye)
Luke Chuang - known him for like 7 yrs, now at MIT
Rob Lambrech - a totally kewl composer/computer major at Indiana University
Jason Suh - worked hard on his testimony page, for Christians and non-Christians! at U. Penn

Like they say "The more the merrier....".


URL address: http://www.ug.cs.sunysb.edu/~davidl

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